Sebastian Kulczyk

Sebastian Kulczyk
An international investor and entrepreneur, active in new tech for more than twenty years. An ambassador for a modern approach and socially responsible thinking in business, involved in developing the Polish startup ecosystem.

The owner of Kulczyk Investments – an international investment house that builds the value of companies of global potential using its own capital and skills and adhering to the highest investment and business management standards.

The founder of Manta Ray, a venture capital fund that provides support on an international scale for the top business talent, concerned with developing ground-breaking technologies in the education system, health, infrastructure, and other areas.

The creator of InCredibles – a prestigious, and the most extensive skill development and promotion program in Poland, bringing together, training, and integrating the most promising startups since 2017.

Creator of the Pho3nix Foundation – a global social welfare organization that provides support around the world for children and young people to pursue their dreams and embark on championship careers. The foundation conducts a range of awareness-raising and community initiatives to promote physical exercise: Pho3nix Kids, Pho3nix Active School, and Pho3nix Sport Workshops. It also provides comprehensive, tailored programs for professional development of accomplished young sportspeople: Pho3nix Athletes Program. Projects are overseen by renowned specialists, mentors, world-class competitors in various disciplines, and members of the Pho3nix Team.